What Makes These ‘Chalk’ Boards Unique

Chalk has been abbreviated to remind readers of how it was. Back in the day, you could hardly make out the illegibility of those squidgy, smudged lines. As for the hapless teacher, cleaning those old chalk boards was always a messy affair. Today, however, lessons are completed with a flourish when teachers use unique dry erase boards.

unique dry erase boards

Not only do these boards leave no messy marks, they also leave very little smells. These boards are made from wood. The boards are both strong and durable. They are also green boards just like those old chalk boards from back in the day. Only these boards are green with a big difference. Over eighty percent of recycled materials have gone into the making of these boards. Teachers with small kids on their hands will enjoy these boards.

In order to make sure that the boards are safe to use in the classroom, their corners and edges have been rounded off. The boards are also mess proof. Here is one example as to why this is so. If the incorrect marker were to be applied to the board, its markings can still be cleaned off. In the meantime, teachers and their kids will be using low odor and non-toxic dry erase markers anyhow. These dry erase markers also have crush proof tips.

And no kids, you still cannot put these into your mouths. Crush proof tips are so much better than those old bad-smelling markers whose tips come off so easily, with or without chewing. And again kids, no chewing. Wait until your lunchbreaks and then you can raid the canteen. These unique boards have the ability to help teachers get their kids to sit up and take note. And if any mistakes are made on the board, they can be quickly fixed.